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Welcome to our Showroom

Enjoy browsing through some current photographs of our showroom in Glebe. These photographs are updated regularly to give you an overview of the range we have in store.



These photos are a small collection of the treasures which are available at present. We also have hundreds of other unique objects for sale. These pieces are either antique or have been traditionally crafted or restored by skilled artisans from Africa and Asia.

Since the beauty, patina and quality of the pieces are often difficult to appreciate online, please take the time to visit our store. Our friendly staff can help you find that special piece.

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A visit to our Showroom in Bridge Road, Glebe is like stepping through the entrance of an Aladdin’s cave of exotic and beautiful treasures. We have been passionate collectors of art and objects for two generations and the lure of travel to far-off places to hunt down fascinating artisanal products still drives us to those countries that have made of ordinary everyday objects, something special. You can get a good feel of our offerings by scrolling through our website but nothing quite does it the way a tour of the showroom does. It is dangerously addictive to stroll around the two floors of lovely things.

To make it easier for you to take it all in we have taken the trouble to arrange the spaces in our showroom in more or less geographical order:

  • We have an African Corner which immediately reflects so many of Picasso and Braque’s deconstructivist paintings whose form and style is borrowed from African woodcarving.

  • The China section has the lovely classic pieces of furniture, but pared down in decorative detail so as to make them sit comfortably in either a traditional or contemporary space. The centuries-old styled blue-and-white porcelain is exquisite and utterly timeless and we still manage to find great potters and vase painters who are producing these much-loved pieces.

  • India is well-represented, as it should be. As their tradition of elaborate embellishment of their altars and places of worship has given the world generations of artists and artisans who continue the tradition of carving and decoration, though we take huge delight in finding old pieces with rich patina and fascinating history.

  • Thailand is also represented in its beautiful contemporary bamboo furniture, its textiles both woodblock printed and woven, and of course its lovely ceramics.

  • The ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions and crafts of India found their way to Indonesia some seven centuries ago and this country still produces woven and batik textiles of great intricacy and beauty. Wood carving, particularly of furniture, finds itself comfortably at home in contemporary.

  • Western interiors. In our showroom you will always find basket-ware, furniture, stone-carving, textiles and decorative objets from the whole Archipelago.