March 2022

A feast for your eyes…. Our new shipments from China & India are unpacked

No sooner had we finished unpacking our African shipment then India and China came knocking at our door.

Well, as the saying goes ‘good things come in threes’ and as we begin to unload some stunning artefacts and antique furniture we couldn’t agree more.

The intricately hand rustic aged double doors and timeless marble lotus bowls are just a flavour of what to expect in our Indian shipment.

Whereas our China shipment has some very unique surprises including a lovely pair of ceramic hand painted flora and song bird drum stools from the Beijing province, vintage celadon storage jars and a classic altar cabinet from Schanxi.

India & China Shipment

As always, we’d love to welcome you in person to view both new shipments. As soon the terrible rain eases grab yourself a coffee and pop in and soak up some global treasures.