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Orient House are wholesalers and retailers of unique furniture, handcrafted tribal artifacts and furnishings. We personally undertake journeys more than six times a year to revisit places and people with whom we have built a relationship over decades and are always on the lookout for new sources of old things. Each piece we bring back to our store has been handpicked and is a one-off work of art. We avoid pretension and artifice and seek out individuality and charm in every single one of our decorative or functional pieces.

The countries from which we source, China, Africa, South East Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent, all have fascinating cultural histories going back centuries and these histories are reflected in the ordinary day to day objects that were used around the house or in family or religious ritual. They are therefore both simple and honest but also rich in symbolism and meaning, each one a conversation piece with a history and meaning. They bring a sense of timelessness and quiet to our frenetic high-tech modern lifestyles.

Whether it be a rice bucket from China, basket from Africa or a hand-carved bowl from Bali, these simple objects give warmth and texture to either a period home or a contemporary high-rise pad in the city.