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Antique Chinese Furniture

July 2019
antique chinese furniture

No allen key required

Along with the porcelain pieces in this container we have some beautifully restored antique, vintage and rustic furniture that we have sourced from some of the more remote villages and towns in Northern China. Finding unusual pieces is always a challenge, but by pushing ourselves deeper into the Chinese countryside we have uncovered some truly unique pieces some of which are over 100 years old.

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The Ming period is regarded as the “golden age” of Chinese furniture, though very few examples of earlier pieces survive with most of the furniture being made for the European market coming from the Qing period. This distinctive style tended to be more elaborate and inlaid with shell and carved lacquer embellishments to suit the affluent European court tastes of the time.

antique chinese buffet

Much of the early Chinese antique furniture was constructed without any glue of metallic nails or fasteners. This was primarily because the vast changes of temperature and humidity did not allow for the movement in the wood and the glue did not bond well with the resinous oily wood. Hence the carpenters of the time were forced to build furniture solely with incredibly strong woodworking joints.

At least you know that when you get home and unpack your Antique Chinese side cabinet you won’t be presented with a plastic bag full of nuts, bolts and an Allen key.

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