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Orient House is an iconic Sydney retailer and wholesaler of unique vintage furniture, tribal artefacts, handcrafted decorative items, lighting, and textiles from Africa, China, South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent offering an authentic and unmatched combination of items.

We explore the world and bring back treasures you have never seen before. Everything we buy is original, handcrafted and created with skills long forgotten.

The countries from which we source all have fascinating cultural histories going back centuries and these histories are reflected in the everyday objects that were used around the house or in family or religious ritual.

They are therefore both simple and honest but also rich in symbolism and meaning, each one a conversation piece with a history and meaning. They bring a sense of timelessness and quiet to our frenetic modern lifestyles.

Your Go-To Store for Interior Design

We have established ourselves as a major source for interior designers. Our high stock turnover allows us to be extremely competitive in price and ensures that our collection is constantly changing. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, shopping for a gift or looking to add to your collection, Orient House is a great place to start.

Our collections of furniture pieces, objects and decor add style and character to your home, creating an eclectic look of natural imperfection to interior and exterior spaces. Each trip and shipment brings new ideas and new looks, from our special relationships with small village artisans in Africa, China, Indonesia and Bali, India, Thailand and Burma, and now also Turkey, allowing us a mix of unparalleled offerings.

From antique Chinese furniture and blue and white porcelain to African tribal masks and authentic Balinese furniture, these simple objects add warmth and texture to a period home or contemporary urban apartment. One piece can make a big difference to a space.