African Baskets & Woven Wares

For centuries, basket weaving has been an essential and revered part of African culture, serving both practical and artistic purposes. African baskets are renowned for their intricate designs and geometric patterns, crafted from an array of sustainable materials.

African woven baskets are versatile objects used for various purposes, from winnowing and sifting crops to carrying food and water, and even as decorative pieces in homes and cultural ceremonies.

Our stunning collection showcases some old and new unique creations, including Zambian Makenge and Tonga Baskets and Zimbabwean Buhera Baskets.

Whether you’re a collector, designer, or a homemaker, we invite you to discover the beauty of African weaving through our collection. By supporting African basket weaving, you help sustain these traditional art forms and the communities that rely on them. Shop online or in store in Sydney.