Antique Rajasthan & Gujarat Damchiyas

Antique Damchiyas

July 2019
antique damchiyas

The ultimate gift box

These beautiful handmade chests or cabinets (damchiyas) were originally designed to be used as a ‘bride’s dowry chest’ or ‘hope chest’ for unmarried girls to store their clothing & household linen in readiness for marriage and for after the marriage storing the bride’s clothing. Traditionally from Rajasthan and Gujarat, each one is unique and bears the intricate craftsmanship of the local carpenters.

The style, now referred to as ‘Indo-European’, still echoes the Dutch, Portugese, French and British influence from the Age of Discovery with each piece containing its own story.

antique damchiyas

They can be used as they were originally intended to store valuables or to store eatables, paperwork and in some cases we’ve seen them converted for use as a unique base for a bathroom sink.

However you decide to showcase your Damchiya one thing is certain, it will always be a talking point and add value to any room.

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