Out of This World Indian & African Artifacts

September 2020

Out of This World Indian & African Artifacts

african and indian artefacts

Our latest shipments from India and Africa are being revealed THIS WEEK at our showroom in Glebe and with the holiday season fast approaching it’s the perfect time to pop in or jump online and discover stunning, hand crafted pieces from around the globe.

This Indian shipment has some particularly unusual pieces including a stunning, colourful antique Indian rustic door, hand polished marble sinks and bowls, brass decorative pieces including sculptures, mirrors, boxes & more.

Our new online store has been loaded up with object d’art and decorative pieces to make it easier for you find the perfect feature, however, we’d love for you to come and visit our showroom where you’ll find so much more and experience how, for example, an antique steel trunk might work as side table alongside a kiln forged iron planter or how a rustic Kadai cooking pot could work filled with fresh local fruit.

indian antiques and african art

There is a word in Pali (a language native to the Indian subcontinent) “Ehipassiko”, which was used by Buddha as a way to invite his disciples to “COME AND SEE” his teachings for themselves, to witness the fruits of this practice through direct experience.

At Orient House we have a similar philosophy in that we believe our customers will get so much more from a visit to our showroom. That’s why we go to so much effort to make it less of a shopping experience and more of an immersive cultural learning experience.

To see the artifacts is only a small part of the experience. We encourage you to touch, hold and smell the pieces to truly feel inspired and connected to the people and country who created these unique hand-crafted items.

So “ehipassiko”.


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