Turkish Baskets, Bowls & Chattels

Turkish Baskets, Bowls & Chattels

October 2019
antique turkish baskets

As with all Turkish craft-wares the baskets and bowls are handcrafted the traditional way with skills handed down from one generation to another.

So the baskets, bowls and chattels (household items) are still all made exactly the same way as they were centuries ago.

In fact, the earliest reliable evidence for basketry craftsmanship in the Middle East comes from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic phases of Çatalhöyük (Southern Anatolia). Being made from perishable material no actual basketry remains were recovered, but the impressions on floor surfaces and on fragments of bitumen suggest that basketry objects were used for storage and architectural purposes.

If today’s food storage vessels were made the same way we wouldn’t have a planet suffocating on plastic waste.

Pop in to our showroom today and pick up some beautiful hand-made baskets and bowls to store fruit, vegetables, firewood, flowers and more to bring some authentic Turkish natural storage solutions in to your home


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