5 Tips to Refresh a Room Indoors or Out

March 2021

5 Tips to Refresh a Room Indoors or Out

The most traditional things like baskets, porcelain, bowls and tribal jewellery take on a different look when displayed in new ways. Try hanging wicker trays on a wall, large to small. Displaying porcelain in a modern curiosity cabinet. Boom! They’re modern. (And still useful) Try our natural global Oriental artifacts against a deep, dark or neutral background. They’ll really stand out. Your collections well displayed will give your house soul.

Hang baskets off the kitchen ceiling or wall and use whenever you need them. Group items together in one place.  Things become fascinating when there are lots of them. Or think of a wall covered in Indonesian tribal necklaces. A great conversation starter, that is truly, truly art. Don’t separate the pieces of your collection – keep them together. Hang them on the wall, line them along shelves, group them on a tabletop.

Start with a large low basket in the middle filled with a plant, and one of our popular hurricane metal shades in bronze finish. Then, build out from that with a mounted Buddha, tribal jewellery and some beads. Not only will they finish your table and room, they will also reflect your style.

Try creating more seating options with our new collection of stools like you’ve never seen before – Chinese porcelain drum stools, African tribal stools, Thai raindrums, rustic timber stools – which look good visually in a room, and offer plenty of options for all guests.  They are also where you can eat, relax, read, entertain, put your feet up, and do a lot of your living. Or use them to do double-duty as side tables, piled with books, and places for drinks. Our stools even make perfect bedsides or look good as quick bathroom updates to stack piles of fluffy towels. Even try them as outdoor side tables. The décor possibilities are endless.

Lighten your rooms with our tactile new season baskets from Africa and Indonesia. They can dramatically alter a room on a bookcase, or on a dining table filled with foliage, or use them to smarten up your kitchen benchtop piled with utensils – to make everything relaxed and elegant for a fraction of the price of a major room overhaul.

THE SHOWROOM has never looked so exciting – it is brimming with new stock from all corners of the world, China, Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and most recently Bali. You’re sure to find something to change your interior dramatically. Hurry in today!

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