Africa. The call of the wild comes calling.

July 2021

Africa. The call of the wild comes calling.

From deep in the heart of a huge continent, it is not often that a collection lands that has the propensity to open the imagination and really spark inspiration. This unique range of sublime African arts and crafts is full of expression and ideas; all conjured up by the hands of true artisans.

There is a rich tradition here that is wonderfully etched in all manner of things that relate to African life. These are items that represent customs and traditions that identify the heart and soul of the lands of Southern, Central, West and East Africa.

Much to your surprise and delight, you’ll find intricate wood carvings, rustic furniture, ornate sculptural pieces, distinctive pottery, fine ornaments and exquisite fabrics. There’s intricate jewellery and trinkets.  And even dramatic masks that depict ancestors, spirits, or mythological characters.

Wherever you look, you will discover a refreshing new world of art and style in a collection of pieces that truly is out of Africa.

Cameroon Shield

Baskets & Bowls

You’ll be able to decorate to your hearts content with this eclectic mix. Water inspired, and in all shapes and sizes, there are water vessels, Hoje fishing baskets and Nupe water pots. Or you can choose beautiful bowls and presentation plates, all with intricate pattern work.

Carved Chairs

Take a seat or just place them as a statement piece in a room. That is the beauty of these carved works.  One look at the Malawi chairs and the variety of African stools, such as the bamileke stool, you’ll understand why.

Fabrics & Ornaments

The Bogolong fabrics are intricately woven and make perfect statements as table mats and floor rugs. And the ornaments, well they’re just so unusual. Stone fishes, sculptured birds, Namji beaded dolls, Cameroon shields, Tuareg posts, tribal head dresses; the list goes on.

Trinkets & Masks

You can now go very tribal with beautifully handmade beads. All highly unusual; in all shapes and sizes. And for that dramatic look, the mask collection can make a fabulous statement.

Mali Masks

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