New Shipment of Turkish Pots Reveals Hidden Treasures

June 2021

New Shipment of Turkish Pots Reveals Hidden Treasures

It’s a timeless collection of rustic, artistic, pottery. Created by Turkish craftsmen, from the famed central region of Anatolia and the shores of the Black Sea, this pottery hails from a tradition handed down through the generations.

By using a unique clay mix beautifully responsive to sculpting, the pottery artisans of Anatolia have conjured up a striking collection of pots, jars, dagers, churns, urns and bowls, in all shapes and sizes; with designer tones to match.

Along with unique baskets and boards, this magnificent Turkish   pottery is designed to heighten your decor spirits, enabling you to create a mood and look that will transform any space, inside or out.

Turkish Decor

Pots and jars

In days gone by, they were the original holders of wine, olives, grains, and olive oil. Look at them now. They command attention in luscious gardens, look striking in living rooms, or act as silent sentinels in hallways. Pick you sizes and your colours of black, white, or green glaze.


Coated in a white powdered limestone, these striking vessels are absolutely ideal for large indoor or office plants. In the garden, find a splash of sun and you’ll discover they’re a natural for citrus or olive trees.

Odemis Urns and Churns

In ancient times, these two always knew their place. The white Odemis urns were keepers of grains and oils, the terra cotta churns looked after butter, milk, and yoghurt. Today, they have a designer presence all their own and add real character and style to any area.

Turkish Decor

Bowls, Baskets and Boards

Hand crafted in the traditional way, these baskets and bowls are perfect for flowers, fruit, vegetables, even firewood. And for that extra rustic touch in the kitchen, you can display a wooden bread board or wooden wheat thrasher.

Now’s the time to come and see our new Turkish shipment of pottery. Just drop into Orient House and take a good look around our Showroom.

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