HELLO AFRICA! We’ve been expecting you...

HELLO AFRICA! We’ve been expecting you…


With all the global restrictions on travel it’s no surprise we haven’t seen you in a while. Still, it’s great to see you now and as always you’re looking splendid.

African culture

Your marvelous Mangbetu figurative clay pots from the Democratic Republic of Congo with their distinctive elongated features sitting ceremoniously in place ready to beautify any home. Your delicious Garlic Gourd hand crafted baskets ready to make a bold statement on any living room table top or foyer with their  beautiful textural dimensions.

Africa craftsmanship

And your hand carved decorative Tuareg Tent Posts with their finely engraved detail which once provided shade for the semi-nomadic tribes of the vast Sahara can now sit sedentary providing an interesting talking piece for any space.

African hand crafts

Of course, your beauty goes way deeper with  your timeless Malawi Chairs, your always expressive Togo Masks, inviting Mozambique  Daybeds, stunning Zimbabwean Soapstone Fish carvings and… well… your African charm can really  truly only be admired in the flesh.

Welcome back Africa.

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