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Malawi Chairs

September 2019

A comfortable investment

Not all Malawi Cane chairs are made equal. Like all hand-made items there are always human imperfections. Some are just small design idiosyncrasies and unique touches, others are faults or poor materials.

As the interest in Malawi chairs has increased over the last few years so has the demand. This has led to some inferior products entering the marketplace and hence a diminished view of the original product.

As the original importers of Malawi chairs, Orient House ensure that all of our products are quality checked and approved for Australian standards. We believe that the original craftsmanship and traditional skills handed down over generations through the Malawi people is worthy of maintaining and strive to keep that authenticity alive with our Malawi chairs.

And because each item is inspected for quality at the source and on arrival, here at Orient House, you can sit comfortably knowing that your purchase is of the finest making.

malawi chairs

The making of Malawi Cane Chairs

The Malawi craftsmen and women start making the chair frames with wood locally sourced from the Blue Gum trees which is renowned for its strength and durability. They then insert strips of dried willow and water reed which gives the chairs their comfort and unique patterns. The willow and water reeds are so flexible and strong that they are able to tie special knots to secure it rather than use glues.

Although the craft of making these beautiful chairs stems back generations the enterprising nature of these people have utilised more recent manufactured objects to help shape the designs, with the curved back of the chairs often made using spare bicycle wheels or car parts as temporary frames to help guide the willow branches and reeds into place.

Purchasing an Orient House original Malawi Cane Chair is an investment in art over function.

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