New Indonesian & Balinese Decor & Furniture

March 2020

New Indonesian & Balinese Decor & Furniture

Our latest trip to Indonesia provided us with more than just beautiful hand crafted items, furniture and vintage home decor pieces. Each piece comes with its own unique story. From the rustic reclaimed multi coloured wall units with their stressed brushed finish to the wood fired kiln bronze cast Goddess Shiva.

The carefully hand-stitched cowhide and cowhide stools each with its own individual markings and the gnarly hand polished teak root coffee tables and petrified wood stools have all been artistically up-cycled to give your home a truly unique talking piece.

balinese furniture

Imagine having a petrified wood stool or side table in your living room that has been formed over millions of years, some pieces pre-dating the dinosaurs. These days most mass produced furniture pieces are on the council clean-up kerbside within in a couple of years just adding to the over-burdened landfill and depleting the planet’s dwindling resources.

petrified wood stools

Fortunately, big corporations are being forced to look closer at the way they manufacture their products and the way in which they treat their suppliers. Consumers are a lot more aware of how products can have an effect on various issues, from sustainability practices to the effects of pollution on the planet and its people.

The livelihoods of the locals and small businesses hang by a thread as they strive to keep the traditional skills and crafts alive to support themselves and their small communities.

We’ve always ensured that our Indonesian and Balinese furniture, objet d’art and home decor items always have a positive impact on the local people and that sustainable practices are used when sourcing the materials.

indonesian artisans

Artists, craftsmen and skilled workers typically strive to make a piece of work that they are proud of. It’s in their nature to create something special and unique as that is where the value is.

Handcrafted products are always scrutinised by their maker far more often than the mass produced high turnaround products churned out by large companies.

As well as their inherent beauty, it’s the stories surrounding these pieces that brings character, charm and personality to a room, turning an ordinary space into an extraordinary home.

balinese home decor


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