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Indian Antiques – New Arrivals from Rajasthan

December 2019
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The Return of Rajasthan

In India, doorways are often associated with cultural identity and new beginnings and what better time of the year to think about both. With such a melting pot of cultures in Australia it’s always nice to witness the various ways that we all celebrate the holiday season and adorn our living spaces with our own native decorations, antiques and traditional furnishings.

Rajasthan, which translated means the ‘Land of Kings’ has more historic palaces, royal gardens and hilltop forts than any other province in India. The proud kings and Rajput warriors of Rajasthan were renowned for their opulence and would show off their wealth and power by building large palaces and forts to ‘protect’ the region and fill them with hand-crafted, highly ornate furniture, fixtures and fittings.

However, the kings for the most part had good relationships with each other which meant that the vast majority of palaces and forts were never attacked or destroyed and so much of the contents remained intact and preserved for centuries.

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The craftsmen of the region that worked and carved the vintage furniture, artifacts and decorative items were, through time, influenced by the Dutch, Portuguese and later English occupation and so many of the items can be traced back or recognised by their design features and embellishments.

With a smorgasbord of art, incredible cuisine, culture, colour, extraordinary attractions and festivals Rajasthan is the perfect region to express the celebration of the holiday season and introduction of a new year.

With this months’ arrival at Orient House of stunning Indian antiques including ornate rustic doors, carved windows, unique vintage furniture, tribal artifacts, handcrafted decorative items, lighting and textiles you’ll find plenty of inspiration to help create your very own Rajasthan palace.

Indian antiques from Rajasthan


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