Indonesian & Balinese Furniture & Artifacts

Indonesian & Balinese Arrivals

November 2019

Furniture, homewares & artefacts from Bali & Indonesia

Just in time for the holiday season we have received our exciting new shipment of antique Indonesian & Balinese furniture, artifacts & decorative pieces.

Artfully presented in displays that showcase their unique style and charm and demonstrate how natural materials like the highly textural rattan, rich copper, dark teak, green bronze, gnarly Suar root, rustic whitewash terracotta, fossilized polished stones and natural sun bleached shells all complement each other to create a truly balanced and harmonious space.

From Bali and the surrounding islands of the Indonesian archipelago we have sourced the finest reclaimed furniture, most unique hand-crafted pieces and unusual collectibles and brought them together in one place to make it easier for you to find and create your own Indonesian space.


How about an eight armed, three eyed, tiger riding goddess?

durga statue from Bali

The Goddess Durga or Mother Durga is known as “the one who eliminates sufferings” in Hindu teachings. With eight arms each holding a weapon, object of
power or simply assuming ‘mudras’, (a hand gesture that represents her teachings), she is like the Swiss Army knife of goddesses. She protects her followers from evil, more notably ‘Mahishasura’ the buffalo demon in Hindu mythology.

As if that wasn’t enough she also rides a lion or tiger which represents power, but also qualities like greed, anger, arrogance, selfishness, jealousy and the desire to harm others and by sitting on and controlling it she reminds us that we need to control these qualities, so that we in turn are not controlled by them.

Oh, but wait, there’s more, she’s also got a third eye which gives her infinite knowledge and wisdom. Simply put, the Goddess Durga is very powerful indeed so it would pay to stay on her good side.

balinese statues

Of course, as well as the Goddess Durga statuette we have a mélange of Buddha’s, Brahma’s, Vishnu’s and Shiva’s all with their very own unique stories

indonesian statues


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